Hall (biochemistry), Andrea Kasinsky (biology), Tony Hazbun (medicinal Chemistry And Molecular Pharmacology), And Graduate Student Zulaida Soto Vargas (biology).



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“It’s to their benefit for there to be comments on everything,” Mr. Earley said. Facebook did not respond to requests for comment about Mr. Voller’s lawsuit. For Facebook, which has long insisted that it is a neutral vessel for public discourse, the court’s ruling may offer a type of indirect amnesty. While the company may still face defamation suits in Australia, plaintiffs there will be more likely to take local people and media companies to court. And if adopted more widely, the view endorsed by Australia’s court could stifle the sort of freewheeling discourse that often keeps users glued to social media. The ruling extends liability for user comments to anyone with a public Facebook page, not just news outlets. For example, the administrator of a Facebook community could be sued for comments left under a post, even if the administrator was unaware of them.



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Their lack of backbones makes them members of the phylum Cnidaria, which includes coral and sea anemones. Purdue appoints new consumer horticulture extension specialist Karen Mitchell’s passion for plants and the environment permeates into every part of her life, professionally and personally. “I always had an interest in the ecosystem, how things interact and how food is made. As a child, I would refer to my hamburgers as cow burgers because I thought you should recognize that it’s not made of ham or from a pig,” said Mitchell. Purdue colleges collaborate in pursuing diversity opportunity A Purdue team is seeking to increase diversity within the graduate programs in the colleges of agriculture, pharmacy and science by visiting University of Puerto Rico (UPR) campuses. Elizabeth Tran, professor of biochemistry, leads the project and a team that includes learn this here now Mark C. Hall (Biochemistry), Andrea Kasinsky (Biology), Tony Hazbun (Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology), and graduate student Zulaida Soto Vargas (Biology). Unexpected Plants and Animals of Indiana: Freshwater Jellyfish Simple and complex are antonyms, but not with jellyfish. Jellyfish lack brains, bones, hearts and lungs. More than 95% of their bodies are water. Early scientists debated whether jellyfish were even animals, commonly labeling them “zoophytes,” intermediaries between animals and plants.


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They were previously ranked fifth. Are they really the best team in the NFL? It feels a little dubious for a club that deserved a loss to Minnesota in Week 2. But Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells is famous for saying, “You are what your record says you are,” and  Arizona is the only 4-0 team in the league  and coming off a  dominant performance of the previously top-ranked Rams . The Cards have also posted at least 30 points and 400 yards in each of their first four games for the first time in eight decades. So let’s give them their due … at least for now. What else do the Cardinals need to do? Yes, they were fortunate to win the game against the Vikings. However, they are the league’s top-scoring team and have a quarterback playing at an MVP level.