The Cattle Industry Continued To Thrive Other Parts Of The South It Was Able To Recover More Quickly.

John C. Williams, president of the Federal Bank of New York, met with North Country economic and political leaders in early September to take the region Williams, president of the Federal Bank of New York, met with North Country economic and political leaders in early September to take the region's economic temperature. Photo provided. What I heard that was interesting, though, was really what you were saying — well, there's only so many people out there and just bidding up wages doesn't seem to be working that well. So employers are being more creative about adding benefits, creating more part-time opportunities for people, so they can go back to being students, or maybe people who do have kids that they need to spend part of the day with. So I'm hearing a lot more about being creative, adding benefits to help people do things differently than have been done before. And of course, remote work. That's probably something that's easy to do today. SOMMERSTEIN: What worries you most about the trajectory of the economy right now? WILLIAMS: One of the big challenges is when the pandemic ends, what's going to be the driver of economic growth? And that came up a lot in our discussions [with regional economic leaders]. Right now, everyone's... one comment I heard from somebody that everyone's just trying to survive, whether it's your family trying to make ends meet, or businesses try to hold it together. The longer-term planning has been put aside. So I think that's something we need to make sure that we get back to. That's why it's important for government leaders, business leaders, community leaders to be working together thinking about, okay, as we get through the pandemic, how do we build a strong, resilient, and inclusive economy? What I heard in the North Country was broadband, broadband, broadband, and cell service! Really making those investments in those communications technologies that are now necessities. [Water Consumption]

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The debacle of the construction of the Berlin-Brandenburg airport, completed in 2020 nine years late and more than €4bn ($4.7bn) over budget, confirmed every prejudice about the city. A political storm is brewing over property firms and rents. Your browser does not support the

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Mihingarangi Forbes, The Hui presenter Hurooooooooo #TeWikiOTeReoMaori #MahuruMaori — Māni Dunlop (@manidunlop) September 13, 2021 After studying journalism and discovering the Māori media or te reo components were nonexistent, Dunlop set out to dedicate her career to “shifting the narrative” and ensuring the reo and stories that are important to Māori are included. But it has not been without its hurdles – when she started at RNZ as an intern, she had to battle to sign off her reports in te reo, or call Auckland its Māori name – Tāmaki Makaurau. “RNZ has come leaps and bounds since then,” Dunlop said, and that includes the types of Māori stories it covers. Now, it is rare when Pākehā presenters and reporters do not use te reo in their broadcasts. For Dunlop, who is also the Māori news director for RNZ, applying a wāhine Māori (Māori woman’s) lens to her work, and bringing mainstream audiences along on that journey, is hugely important. “Some people find that quite hard, which is indicative in the responses I get, but since I first started as a presenter, the feedback has become better and better. You can’t always preach have a peek at this website to the choir.” When Aotearoa was colonised, Europeans actively set out to erase Māori language and culture. Schoolchildren were beaten for speaking it and, as Māori were pushed off their land and into urban areas, the connections to Marae (meeting grounds), to whānau and community, and language faded further away. It only became recognised by the state as a taonga (treasure) and as an official language in 1987. The 2018 census reports that just 4% of the total population and one in five Māori speak the reo, or about 170,000 people.