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USOPC will require Covid-19 vaccine for all US athletes at Beijing Games Updated 4:02 AM ET, Thu September 23, 2021 Mikaela Shiffrin: Don't want to have to choose between 'morality vs being able to do your here. job' Male artistic swimmers are helping to redefine what masculinity means The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) on Wednesday said all US athletes hoping to compete at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will need to be vaccinated against Covid-19. "Effective Nov. 1, 2021, the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee will require all USOPC staff, athletes and those utilizing USOPC facilities -- including the training centers -- to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19," USOPC CEO Sarah Hirshland wrote in a letter reviewed by Reuters. "This requirement will also apply to our full Team USA delegation at future Olympic and Paralympic Games." Athletes and staff would have an opportunity to obtain a medical or religious exemption to the mandate, the USOPC said. None of the major North American sports leagues require their athletes to be vaccinated. The International Olympic Committee did not require athletes who competed at the Tokyo Games to be vaccinated, although it was encouraged. The Winter Olympics in Beijing begin in February next year. Hirshland said the USOPC had hoped Covid-19 restrictions would be lifted by the end of the pandemic-delayed Tokyo Games, but in reality the pandemic is "far from over." "This step will increase our ability to create a safe and productive environment for Team USA athletes and staff, and allow us to restore consistency in planning, preparation and service to athletes," she said.

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It is so far unclear as to why the police have arrested Ms Brothwell so long after the father’s arrest, and what her role was in her children’s deaths. Ms Brothwell has separately been charged with two counts of felony child endangerment. Her children were allegedly forced to stay in their rooms without food for several days, according to prosecutors . Maliaka and Maurice Taylor aged 13 and 12 when they died During Mr Taylor Sr’s arraignment, he explained that he wanted to “represent himself” and did not agree to an attorney. “God is telling me to represent myself in this matter,” he said after he was appointed a state attorney, “I feel disrespected that the council won’t respect my decision”. After being asked about his education he said: “I’m with the American College of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer… it’s the top examination you can get for being a personal trainer.” Taylor could face up to 57 years to life in state prison.

New veteran display shows meaning behind poppy seeds ROSCOE (WREX) — Some works of art that honor our fallen military heroes get recognized as best in the state. The poppy display now at Veterans Memorial Hall won first place at a statewide competition. The Roscoe VFW, which created it, says it represents the six branches of the military and it's made of more than six thousand poppies. You, of course, see VFW posts selling poppies to fundraise around Memorial Day and Veterans Day. These have a special meaning when you wear one. "When you wear a poppy it represents a soldier fallen in battle. That's what people should know about what the poppy's all about," Bill Graves, VFW Post 2955 Commander said. Two other poppy displays created here in the Stateline won second place in two separate categories. You can see all three now at Veterans Memorial Hall.

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Australia has entered an agreement with the United States and Britain to acquire nuclear-powered submarines to bolster its fleet of conventional diesel-powered vessels. While American vessels tend to be larger, China is also catching up with aircraft carriers while surpassing the United States with smaller, agile ships. At the same time, China has moved aggressively to secure locations for outposts and missiles, building up its presence on islands that it constructed in the South China Sea. Security analysts believe that Australia would be likely to use nuclear-powered submarines to patrol the important shipping lanes there, in waters also claimed by Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia. The choice of vessel, they said, sends an unmistakable message. “Nothing is more provocative to China than nuke stuff and submarine stuff,” said Oriana Skylar Mastro, who is a fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies at Stanford University and at the American Enterprise Institute. “China’s so weak in anti-submarine warfare in comparison to other capabilities.” “To me,” said Ms. Mastro, a regular visitor to Australia, “it suggests that Australia is willing to take some real risks in its relationship to stand up to China.” The U.S. Defense Department says China now has the largest naval fleet in the world.Credit...Pool photo by Mark Schiefelbein American and Australian officials, seeking to douse proliferation concerns, emphasized that the submarines were nuclear-powered but had nothing to do with nuclear weapons. The promise of eight American vessels coincided with Australia’s cancellation of a contract for 12 conventional French-designed submarines that had been delayed and running over budget. French officials reacted angrily, calling the abandonment of the deal a betrayal of trust. Speaking Thursday, Mr.